MAC-, Condor Swing Operator

Condor Automatic Door Swing Operator
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MAC-, Condor Swing Operator
MAC-, Condor Swing Operator
MAC-, Condor Swing Operator
MAC-, Condor Swing Operator
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Product Details
Condor Automatic Door Swing Operator. Includes: housing, motor/gearbox, control, arm and mounting brackets. 

Standard Configurations:

- 2.75" spindle locations on surface applied units (arm types 1 & 2). 
- 3.75" spindle location on center-hung units (arm types 3 & 4). 
- 8" maximum reveal on push arms. 
- 4" maximum reveal on pull arms. 
- Pairs operates simultaneously. 
- Contact factory for specials requirements.

Additional Options (items will be priced separately):

 R - Three Position Rocker Switch (ref MA40011) 
  K - Three Position Key Switch (ref MA40111) 
 T - Two Position Rocker Switch (ref MA20011)

Extended Push Arms 
 E - Reveals Over 8" (ref MA-EXT-KIT) 

Stops & Header Prep 
 B - Breakaway Stop & Prep (ref MA-STOPS-BA) 
 F - Fixed Stop & Prep (ref MA-STOPS-FX)

Header Exception
 X - Extended Single (singles over 48")
 F - Independent Pair (ref MA50777 & MA-GND-ASM)

Double Egress
 1 - Right Hand Pair (no charge)
 2 - Left Hand Pair (no charge)

Header End Plates/Caps
 P - Black Plastic End Caps (ref MA-END-PLATES)

Pull Arm Screws
 W - Wood Door Screw Pack (ref MA-PB-WOOD)
 Y - Fire Door Screw Pack (ref MA-PB-FIRE)

Overhead Concealed Spindle Location
 S - Move Overhead Concealed Spindle Location from 3.75 to 2.75" (no charge)

Balanced Door
 Z - Push Arm Spindle Location of 12.25".

Condor Swing Downloads:

Sales Literature:

Specs for Singles:

Specs for Pairs:

Fire Door Applications:

LEED Statement:

Cross Reference Numbers:
Dor-O-Matic, LCN, Astro, Mid and Senior Swing: 2810, 2850, 2860, 9530, 9540, 9550, 9560.


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